Friday, June 1, 2012

  So I once again tuned in to watch the Konami Pre-E3 Show, I have to say this year I was pretty impressed with what I saw. The beginning felt a little forced with the Mobile/Social Gaming bit, true the most modern platforms of gaming is social as well as mobile. However whenever they do these kind of event the give me the impression of saying "hey look at this we also have mobile games" To me it was actually good to know they opened a new studio in San Francisco; one of my favorite cities, where I hope to move one day.
  The second part is one that always makes me go "now this looks very interesting" which is PES now usually they release a new title every year and there are lots of fan of the Football(Soccer) title; I particularly favor the FIFA series  for the particular reason that they release the official World Cup game. Anyway they focused in the new mechanics for the game like having total control of the ball at all times and the ways they achieved this. like I always say it makes me go "very interesting!" but then it goes away.
  The third section featured a very familiar and adored face in the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima talking about ZOE HD. In fact ZOE is a series that I always wanted to play, since is Hideo's work; however for several factors I never could. The Genius Director talked a bit about the origins of the game, the reasons why he brought it back to life and what is in store for people who want to play it. I myself can't wait for it the new effects look amazing and the Mechs look so cool I wish they were real. My only observation why is the cockpit... well in the crotch area?(Pun well intended)
  Right after one of the most awaited parts took place the Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary announcements. To tell the truth I didn't feel too exited about what Kojima had in store. Mainly he spoke in brief about the evolution of the series and what is being done but there was no real surprises he mentioned the games in the already released HD collections for Xbo360 and PS3 as well as the MGS3DS. The only upcoming games he talked about were the already announced PS Vita MGS HD collection. He did mentioned that they are working on the FOX Engine but what exactly is still a mystery.
  What came after I could have not foreseen; They released a brand new trailer for Metal Gear Rising something that from the first scenes had a coolness I hadn't experience yet on a Metal Gear game. Since its release this game has been a roller coaster off feelings for hard-core fans of the franchise. Most people have been down and low on the game since it was rebooted and re-announced as a game that not only will take place after the events; but also after it was announced that Platinum Games was making the game and not directly Kojima Productions.
  When I saw this new trailer and heard the Depeche Mode song "Wrong" it all just clicked so...right? I mean the whole thing was so good Jack's back walking down the street on different periods of his life, as a child soldier, as Raiden from MGS2, as the brooding Cyborg Ninja from MGS4,and finally as his new and improved self. The cut scenes they showed which were very short gave me that self assurance you always get with Kojima games, cinematic rather than in game dialog and action. The most important part for me was the game play; because it answered so many questions I had. I saw what I wanted to see for so long, they showed before the footage of the new mechanics they wanted to implement all those watermelons and soldiers chopped to bits. They even teased game play before by Platinum which made the most hardcore fans rip their proverbial tunics in response to the "Lightning Bolt Action" developed by them. Today I can say with confidence that Kojima has done it again; he heard the cries of fan boys from his tower on the Tokyo Roppongi district and said: "Stealth? You guys want stealth hu??? Well here it is Motha Fockas!!! Let there be Stealth!" and there was stealth and he saw it was good. That's how I imagine it anyway. Yes there was stealth on the actual game play footage I rejoiced watching Raiden jumping from the ledge of a building to drive his high frequency blade through the body of an unsuspecting guard. Then some more footage of the Hero running at ridiculous speeds to grab an enemy from behind driving that famous blade across his chest. Stalking his pray from the rooftop watching through skylights calculating when to attack. Attacking another from behind a pillar cutting not only stone and rebar but the enemy across like a piece of butter with a hot knife. The other thing that does not stop amazing me is the fast action we witnessed, feats of impossible agility. Raiden jumping through the screen climbing buildings crates and cars like gravity was non existing. Running up a falling road just to jump in the air skip on a couple of missiles shot from a chopper and cut said aircraft to smithereens. His abilities surpass any seen before; yes even after seeing him stop Outer Heaven(the tanker/submarine fortress from MGS4) with nothing but his shoulder.
 I cant stop feeling anything but hope and good things for this game, some of the new enemies were also shown. Huge hulking figures that sometimes can pound him like a rag doll.Thanks to Cyborg Ninja technology out in a world no longer controlled by The Patriots where information flows like wine in a Roman tale. The finish showed the newest tag line "Make it right" and finally a release date of early 2013.  If people keep feeling the need to question the decisions made towards the production and development of this game, no one and nothing will convince them otherwise. No cooler trailer has ever been made for a video game, period!
  After that trailer an interview/mini documentary took place with the team from Platinum games. The guys talked about their experience and their desire to make this game one of the best games out there, if anything I think their goal was surpassed by far.
After these developments a little humor could not be left out, a funny performance by Mega64 whom have been a persistent collaboration in recent years with the Kojima team. The skid features Raiden trying to get a job after MGS4 only to fail at every attempt. Finally answering his true calling. Of course he seems to have referred a "friend" to said agency.
  Lastly a teaser for the new upcoming Castlevania title Lords of Shadow 2 which caught my attention when I saw the profile of this blond character facing Lord Dracula. The mysterious blond man had a very familiar posture and attire; I speculate he is Alucard the Vampire's half human son. Followed an upcoming announcement for June 5th during the second day of the E3 conference.
  I've waited for this day and for hours I was expecting when 10:30 PST US hit the clock. When the time came to watch I was not disappointed; the Pre-E3 show Konami has made us accustomed to has proven that people will tune in and speculate and celebrate what they like. I am one of those in celebration so much so that it has taken me hours in front of the monitor. Pouring through the footage to make sure I have captured what I saw and released it back in written form. if you do read this thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I return like the Phoenix from my own ashes!

Not so much but I have some things to share with ya! As you all know the show "the Patriotcast" is done for no more Andy Blyth shows for now. :(
But for better or for worse now I will have my own show called "Don't Have Game Podcast" 
Now to something more fun! There is a PS2 game called Drakengard (watch video above) wich I played a while ago and never got to finish. I remember liking it a lot and never being able to find it again( I had rented it the first time at a video store, remember those... ahhh the old days... this parenthesis turned a little too long) anyway; this game came to my head today while I was having a Skyrim conversation with my manager. I said i'd like to play it before the hype is over and he said "you dont like those kinds of games!" How does he know what I like is a mystery to me. So as you see now I have to play two games wich I think I'm going to love! Will you be playing them?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The future of gaming is in the Clouds!

Just found this piece on, I pretty much agree with the article. I also would like to add that in the future, gaming will not require you to have a super machine to play the latest titles. Onlive already offers such services in which you can log into their servers and play in any computer no matter how weak. See now a days fans of well established consoles usually get into fights over which one is better. They call each other "fanboys" and even worse names. The truth is this things never last for long, as an adaptive species we do what we do better; we move on.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

PS4 might be ready next year!

Bitmob has posted a Story in which they reluctantly assure that a good source said PS4 is coming in  18 months. Now they go on and explain how come this might be a bit of a stretch but they still say the source "remains convinced for excellent reasons, and I trust that conviction."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vita will be delayed, I will be pissed!

   Sort of late news, everyone knows now that Sony is delaying the release of their next portable console in America and Europe. Those are the most valuable markets outside of Asia. If Sony really misses this golden opportunity of destroying the Nintendo 3DS during the Holiday season, the Vita will not be a success story. Apple already has an increasing hold on portable gaming with new more powerful devises just flying off the sales counters.  
Kazuo Hirai has this to say: "The PlayStation business is a key pillar,”  If you really meant that Mr Hirai why are you demolishing your key pillar by making bad business decisions?
  “The video-game industry is evolving constantly. My expectation is for the PlayStation business to remain at the forefront of this very dynamic industry.” If this is true why aren't you Mr Hirai doing something to deliver faster results? Why hasn't the Playstation brand evolved in all this time?  Are Sony's higher-ups so bad at their job that they can't see reality even if it hit them in the face? If I was a Sony board member I'd be going insane! (Mr Hirai please collect your things. Yo fired!) 
 I can not stand it anymore, some say(Jordan Wyatt) I like to make excuses  for Sony; that I'm a fanboy. Well I am, I have always liked Sony. The Original Playstation is to me one of the best consoles ever, I loved the PS2 and I could not believe how cool the PS3 was. I even bought the latter because it had a BlueRay player built in, which at the moment everyone thought was crazy. But me, I believed in everything it is. I just hope for my fandom that Sony gtes it together soon. Or there is always Apple to root for.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PSN pass announcement.

This story from PSX gives rumors of a PSN pass confirmation of its existence and that Sony will implement it on the new Resistance game. I like checking the comments from people, a lot of them seem to think they are going to be gauged.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rated "V for Violent"

Well by this time everybody knows it is legal in California to sell Violent Video Games to minors, just like music , movies, and books. The law which used to prohibit minors to go into their favorite game joint to buy a violent game; was struck down by the supreme court last week. The issue was raised a while ago and it went all the way to the Supreme Court. In this article from  2010 several of the points of view were raised.
My personal opinion is that of course there is a restriction matter and we should be aware of what is being done to enforce it. Parents are the very first defense line in this case, no minor could buy a video game by themselves if they don't work for it. Since money is involved it had to come from somewhere and how is it being spent should also be a concern of the parents. If these principles are enforced since a very young age parents would have nothing to fear.
Blaming game developers for the content is just an excuse from people not wanting to be responsible of their own actions. Blaming retailers for selling a product they are meant to sell is just contradictory. There is a parental advisory on the packaging already which is pretty standard in all entertainment media. In video games the rating is pretty elaborate an it goes from "E for everyone" to "M for mature" and it was put in place by a gaming company called SEGA after they were criticized for releasing Mortal Kombat with a secret code that let you see "all the good stuff".
In the end its hard for families that both parents work to have an eye 100% of the time on the kids and what they are doing; but households should always have certain rules that must be respected by "E".