Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How come no posts?

If you are one of the few people reading my blog, you might have noticed I didn't post anything during E3. This is because I have been busy with The Patriotcast Show and I'm taking a short break from writing but I plan to update the blog as much as I can.
In the meantime I want to give you a round up of what E3 left me with this year. One of the things that I noticed was that many companies want to bring sequels to their most famous ip's. Not that this is bad but I felt that it was needed to bring new ip's to get people curious. For example Konami's new game "Neverdead" has things that factor in getting people interested. For me the fact that you can dismember yourself and take control of your body parts separately makes this game very interesting.
The big guns, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo didn't shine as much as they could have. Microsoft basically just came out and said "hey look at us, we are NOT Sony!". Sony came out to say "We live!!! We got Vita!!!(get it?) "We are so sorry we don't know how to take care of your info!".  Nintendo... ah god dam it Nintendo... Why do you have to make everything extremely Japanese...
Overall to me E3 was a good experience this year because it is my first time officially covering the event, recording daily shows with friends over skype and meeting our correspondent Toby Edwards from Zath UK, in person.
To all of you thanks for reading and always remember, Tell a Friend!

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