Friday, August 5, 2011

Vita will be delayed, I will be pissed!

   Sort of late news, everyone knows now that Sony is delaying the release of their next portable console in America and Europe. Those are the most valuable markets outside of Asia. If Sony really misses this golden opportunity of destroying the Nintendo 3DS during the Holiday season, the Vita will not be a success story. Apple already has an increasing hold on portable gaming with new more powerful devises just flying off the sales counters.  
Kazuo Hirai has this to say: "The PlayStation business is a key pillar,”  If you really meant that Mr Hirai why are you demolishing your key pillar by making bad business decisions?
  “The video-game industry is evolving constantly. My expectation is for the PlayStation business to remain at the forefront of this very dynamic industry.” If this is true why aren't you Mr Hirai doing something to deliver faster results? Why hasn't the Playstation brand evolved in all this time?  Are Sony's higher-ups so bad at their job that they can't see reality even if it hit them in the face? If I was a Sony board member I'd be going insane! (Mr Hirai please collect your things. Yo fired!) 
 I can not stand it anymore, some say(Jordan Wyatt) I like to make excuses  for Sony; that I'm a fanboy. Well I am, I have always liked Sony. The Original Playstation is to me one of the best consoles ever, I loved the PS2 and I could not believe how cool the PS3 was. I even bought the latter because it had a BlueRay player built in, which at the moment everyone thought was crazy. But me, I believed in everything it is. I just hope for my fandom that Sony gtes it together soon. Or there is always Apple to root for.

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