Friday, December 9, 2011

I return like the Phoenix from my own ashes!

Not so much but I have some things to share with ya! As you all know the show "the Patriotcast" is done for no more Andy Blyth shows for now. :(
But for better or for worse now I will have my own show called "Don't Have Game Podcast" 
Now to something more fun! There is a PS2 game called Drakengard (watch video above) wich I played a while ago and never got to finish. I remember liking it a lot and never being able to find it again( I had rented it the first time at a video store, remember those... ahhh the old days... this parenthesis turned a little too long) anyway; this game came to my head today while I was having a Skyrim conversation with my manager. I said i'd like to play it before the hype is over and he said "you dont like those kinds of games!" How does he know what I like is a mystery to me. So as you see now I have to play two games wich I think I'm going to love! Will you be playing them?

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