Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little about Javier

Hello to start this blog I just want to fill you in a little on who I am and why am I here.
Like you all know my name is Javier and i was born in a magical land called Costa Rica. Let me tell you all something, Costa Rica is a place that many people associate with the rainforest . But actually there is much more to it than that, I grew up mainly in the city a town called Desamparados for the local Catholic virgin people worship, Virgen de los desamparados.
It is actually in this town where i first discovered my love for Video Games. My mom went on this trip to the Panamanian border where is really cheap to buy goods. There she bought our first game console the Atari 2600. Me and my brother who were like 6 and 3 years old were really compelled by this gaming console. As I remember the funny thing was that the only TV we had to play it was a 5 inch portable TV/radio combo, which we had to rig the antenna to make it work with the Atari. I remember well waking up on that December morning of Summer after She came back and seeing her playing the version of Pong that came already programed into the console and seeing that King Kong cartridge right next to it. You cannot imagine how many hours me and my brother invested playing games that I cant even remember names of except for Vanguard, King Kong, or Space Invaders.
Later on the console either broke or stopped its usefulness cycle and we moved on but i never forgot about all the good times we had with it.
I think this is good for now, next time I will write about when we got our first NES.
Javier Bustamante.

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