Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sony's second chance

Not to sound like a Sony Fanboy but how come we are just focusing our energy on criticizing Sony? They are victims of these attacks as much as we the consumer are, they did not asked for this to happen. I understand that their decisions to protect their PROPRIETARY software might not be popular with Jailbreakers and Software Pirates. However it is not Sony's fault.

Let me paint you a picture lets say you have a home, in that home there is a safe containing all your money. You live a regular life in a suburban neighborhood. One day while you are at work thieve breaks in, they crack a window open and they take as many things as they can carry including your safe. Now who would you blame in this situation? The home owner or The thieves? I don't see it any different than this. To me Sony cannot be blamed because they did not seek for hackers to break into their house to steal as much as they could.

I have had a PS3 for about 3 years now and I dont feel Sony owes me much more than what they are willing to provide. Sony has given us a free service that we all have taken huge advantage off with hours of play I mean its ridiculous how many hours I have spent playing MGO or COD on line being schooled by a bunch of thirteen year olds who I consider to sound pretty annoying and I still want to play more!

Lets get off Sony's back just a little bit, the service is free, the playtime is good and you dont have to use your CC info or your real info for that matter.I've learned my lesson not to give my CC info on line anymore. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions. I believe a lot of the players just want to justify not being responsible and cautious for their actions, and put all the blame on Sony. Lets all give them our support, and lets give them a second chance.


  1. I think we need a Patriotcast debate episode about this Javier :-)

    I like your "dont give your credit card info out" advice, its cool to have one, but dont ever use the thing! :-)

    After all, that would mean trusting Sony, some tiny company nobodies ever heard of ;-)

    Enjoying your blog :-)

  2. My argument is toward people who are now crying out because their info might have been stolen, when that is a risk factor in the first place it doesn't matter what company it is your info can still be stolen either way.