Monday, May 30, 2011

PS4? Thats a BS name.

     Several websites and the same Sony Corp, are talking about the next Playstation "PS4"? (Ugh! I don't like that name) Whats up with Sony and their console names? PS, PS2,PS3?; PSP,NGP/PSP2? There is no originality there. Why cant console makers give them better names?
Sony Naming committee meeting:
Man- We have a new console coming out? What should we call it?

Other dude- which one is this one the third? Fourth? I got an idea "PS4"!

Man- Awesome meeting adjourned lets go to lunch!

Thats why I like when companies like Nintendo come out with names like "Wii" or Microsoft wit "XboX" it sounds cool and catchy, car companies do it all the time even when they release cars in different territories they change the names from territory to territory. Even Ikea has different names for all their furniture. I think we deserve better names for the game consoles we pay for. Game companies should keep that in mind for their next gen consoles.

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